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Head off on a journey to meet some of the most fascinating peoples in the world, because the beauty of a voyage lies in the encounters it offers.

The wonder of the traditions, the emotion of sharing… Discovering the ways of life of indigenous populations is always a special moment in which humility blends with admiration.

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The peoples encountered in Melanesia, with Serge Guiraud

The Ponant promise

PONANT forms special privileged relationships with local populations. The encounters take place in a context of absolute respect for their customs, all under the watchful eyes of our team of experts. This approach has enabled the company to establish ties based on trust and confidence with many indigenous communities throughout the world.


Indigenous people have a genuine gift for transforming every encounter into an unforgettable memory. The smile of a child, the gratitude of the head of a village… Nothing could be more enriching than two human beings sharing a moment of unique complicity.

Living traditions

The welcoming rites and ceremonies make for simply unforgettable moments on your voyage. They can sometimes be organised especially in your honour! You will be able to learn more about these ancient traditions that the indigenous populations perpetuate and continue to keep alive in a careful and open manner.


Ethnotourism is a wonderful way of experiencing indigenous societies and understanding how they function. I wish all PONANT guests the experience of climbing the slopes of Mount Yasur, experiencing the Water Music of Vanuatu for the first time, penetrating into the mangroves of Tufi in Papua New Guinea seated in an outrigger canoe, and feeling the beat of the rhythms of the percussion instruments of the Baining, reverberating in the New Britain night.

ethnographer and naturalist guide with PONANT

What if the adventure were to begin now?

An auditory getaway Podcast

An auditory getaway

Step aboard the Lapérouse in Indonesia Your guide for the day will be Elie, the Ponant fleet's onboard videographer. He has spent the last 10 years travelling the world in search of the most beautiful images. With a specific philosophy: allowing room for the element of surprise.

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Introducing the
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Meet the Remote
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