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& heritage

Broaden your horizons by exploring the most ancient human civilisations.

Central America, the Mediterranean, Asia, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, Scandinavia, the islands of the Pacific… Each continent is home to a multitude of historic sites constructed over the course of the centuries by ancient peoples.

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A Greek cultural cruise by Luc Ferry – Beyond the Seas by PONANT

The Ponant promise

PONANT invites you to explore history and the cultures of different peoples up close. Throughout your voyage, speakers and lecturers will share their passion and expertise via fascinating organised talks and events. Every voyage thus offers a privileged opportunity to explore the ancient history of these legendary regions.

Latin America: from pre colombian empires to colonial heritage

From Mexico and the Panama Canal to Brazil, Latin America is a fascinatingly historical land where ruins of ancient pre-Colombian civilisations exist side by side with the traces of colonisation. Experience the charm of the region's tropical landscapes and explore the history of these lands.

The East: exotic shores

The Red Sea, Asia, the Indian Ocean… Simply evoking these regions transports the imagination and resonates like a call to adventure. From Egyptian ruins to Indian temples, and not forgetting Seychelles gastronomy, the lands of the East invite you on an unforgettable trip.


Sailing the Mediterranean is a fantastic way to gain a sense of the strength of the ties connecting its shores, as you understand these connections better out on the sea.

director of external relations for the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (Mucem)

What if the adventure were to begin now?

An auditory getaway Podcast

An auditory getaway

Step aboard the Lapérouse in Indonesia Your guide for the day will be Elie, the Ponant fleet's onboard videographer. He has spent the last 10 years travelling the world in search of the most beautiful images. With a specific philosophy: allowing room for the element of surprise.

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The Mediterranean: space of exchanges and influences


The Red Sea: a colourful history


Mexico: embark on a journey of discovery to Mayan sites in the Yucatan


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