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Islands at the ends
of the Earth

Set sail for the far side of the world and enjoy a delightful getaway to the planet's most remote islands.

Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, the Falkland Islands, New Caledonia, the Philippines, the South Orkney Islands… From the Pacific to the Antarctic, these wild lands of inimitable splendour pepper the blue-toned harmony of the oceans.

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Deception Island in 360°

The Ponant promise

PONANT invites you to explore the planet's furthest latitudes and discover the world's best preserved natural wonders. You will have the privilege of approaching as close as possible to the islands thanks to the human-scale size of our ships, which are equipped with the very latest technology to offer cruise guests a uniquely singular experience.

Wild, untamed

When you explore the far reaches of the world, you will be astonished to discover lands often untouched by human activity. The wild atmosphere that reigns around these islands inspires humility and awakens your sense of adventure.

Endemic Species

Penguins, albatrosses, sea lions, dugongs… The islands found on the far side of the world are home to an impressive number of unique species. You may have the privileged and magical experience of seeing and observing this extraordinary wildlife…


We tracked along the coasts in Zodiac® inflatable boats. We let ourselves drift amongst the icebergs, with the penguins in sight. The silence was total. For half an hour, we heard nothing but the clicks of the cameras. We didn't even dare speak to each other. It was magical. I've rarely experienced that anywhere else.

PONANT passenger

What if the adventure were to begin now?


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The islands of Chile and Argentina on the edge of the oceans


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